Our Services

A Meaningful Care Continuum

We take pride in the quality of our urgent care and our follow-through. Our medical staff goes beyond addressing urgent medical needs. Once we assess and treat an injury, we may refer the patient to a specialist; we then forward medical records and digital x-rays, with patient permission. We standby for any questions or concerns from the specialist, too. We also work closely with your primary care provider (PCP) , and play an integral part in your health care when your doctor cannot see you immediately on the weekends or after hours.

At each of our walk-in clinics you will find a broad range of medical services:

Onsite X-ray (Due to Covid-19) Apple Med is temporarily refering the patients for x-rays offsite radiology.

AppleMed Urgent Care can treat the following ailments:

Workers Comp

The Essential Annual Physical

School Physicals/Sports Physicals/DOT Physicals/Pre-Employment Physicals: A Physical exam is often needed for various activities. A comprehensive physical exam screens for potential illnesses, and is vital for monitoring chronic and acute illnesses such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, diabetes, urologic and endocrine issues. It flags potential trouble spots, which enable you to choose prevention plans with our doctors. Our primary care providers help you manage family risk factors for many conditions, as well as guide you through positive lifestyle and nutritional changes. Our physicians will follow up with answers to all your questions and explanations for all findings. We will partner with you to promote your health.

Prevention & Protection

Apple Med Urgent Care clinics offer walk-in vaccines 6 days a week. We make a same-day decision convenient. We offer protection for both children and adults. Whether a routine seasonal immunization, a special travel vaccine, your baby's preventive injection, or your college freshman's required vaccine, AppleMed offers a comprehensive range of vaccinations. We advise you of potential adverse effects. We are here for your follow-up concerns.

Urgent Care For Injuries & Accidents

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of life. It could be a broken bone, a cut, or a burn. Often times, it requires urgent care. Often times, you are also in pain and fearful. When it comes to non-life-threatening urgent care, every minute counts. AppleMed will quickly review, diagnose and treat the injury. Our physicians may utilize the onsite lab or the digital x-rays to make an informed treatment plan Generally, you will be treated and on your way home before you know it! However, if a more serious injury requires a specialist, we will promptly refer you to an appropriate doctor. AppleMed doctors have extensive experience with injuries and traumas.